Sunday, 2 March 2014

Rangitoto Island

So last weekend me and two friends took it upon ourselves to jump on the ferry at  the Devenport terminal and hike up to the Rangitoto volcano summit!

It was a challenging yet fantastic day out, saw some beautiful, paradise like sights and got burnt to a crisp (not so fantastic!), don't forget your sunscreen kiddo's.

The summit walk itself was only an hour and I would say is accessible for pretty much all fitness levels! My fitness levels aren't in the best of shape! The views of Auckland from the summit are pretty spectacular and very rewarding and whilst I took a few pictures on my phone, no pictures could do that view justice!

After we had reached the summit we decided to go on a rocky hike to the lava caves!! This again was pretty special! Imagine just a few hundred years beforehand when the volcano was active, how very different your current view and scenery would be (minus the fact you'd be fried alive). You can actually walk all the way through one of the lava caves and out the other side which was pretty cool.

Next on the agenda was to find a beach on the island to go for a swim and a cheeky sunbathe stop! We found a sign to a bay but it was a 2 hour walk away! The walk to the bay was pretty flat so wasn't too hard but we were all cracking up and going crazy in the heat by this time! When we got to the bay we were again treated to paradise! Stunning views! The other two went for a swim and I had a cheeky sunbathe for 15 or so minutes!
Time to leave paradise... discovering it was a 2 and a half hour walk back to the ferry port wouldnt have been so bad if it wasn't stupidly hot and a mostly uphill rocky walk! This could be easy for some people but I really had reached and pushed my body so hard on this last leg! About an hour in I had hit my wall and just felt like i was going to pass out! Felt so weak but I discovered if you push through the pain something comes over you to just keep going! It's so rewarding when you see your finish point when you challenge yourself to your own personal limit.

I would recommend any one in Auckland to make the trip to Rangitoto island and at least do the summit walk!
The ferry from Devenport costs $29 and make sure you bring plenty of water as there are no shops on the island!!!!

I have had this blog post ready to post for a good while now, but unfortunately I can't upload pictures from my phone or tablet onto blogspot! So so annoying! If anyone knows how to resolve this please help! Who wants to read all this text without any pictures! So annoying!